The skills in writing is one of those things that you have to earn. Nobody is born with the ability to make great writing compositions. The best writers have had a lot of practice before they become what they are right now. Practice really does makes perfect. Although, it really helps if you develop a passion for it as you grow older. The thing with writing is anyone can do it.

You can write anything in your diary and say all the things you’ve been wanting to say and not care about the grammar or whether you place the punctuation marks correctly but then that is what you call informal writing. If you are the only one to read it then it’s fine. For sure, you can understand that. However, there’s another type and that is what we call formal writing. Formal writing is different.

You have got to use the right grammar, the correct punctuation, the right words and many other rules that you have to follow if you want to communicate well with your reader. That’s what you usually do when you’re asked to write an essay. You have to communicate well with your reader because after all, you write to convince him to agree on something.

The hardest part about writing an essay is choosing your topic. Well, unless you’re already given one then that’s so much better. But, what if the instruction is just to write an essay? Then, how are you going to decide on one topic when the possibilities are limitless?

Well, the first thing that you have to think is that you pick a topic that suits you. Writing is so much easier when you like what you are writing about. It’s the same as talking. When you talk about something you enjoy or like you almost can’t stop. But one problem is that you may find lots of stuff that interests you so the next thing to do is to research around your interest to create a precise and limited topic.

You should also be knowledgeable about that certain interest of yours. It should not be something that you like just because you’ve dreamt about it or seen it somewhere else but it would be better if you’ve seen it or experienced it yourself. Don’t be overly ambitious. Choose the one that you think you can really talk about thoroughly without having a gap in the knowledge. Or aside from choosing a topic that might only be interesting to you, you can also choose one which you are sure will keep your readers hooked. Write something that will engage your readers and make sure to communicate with them.

After you have decided to choose the topic for your essay and you realized that you don’t know much about the topic then that’s where research is even more useful. Research more about the topic, brainstorm, and make an outline. Take notes as you go along the process and record all you learn. This will make it easier to form an outline from the notes you have taken and this will help you write that easy easier and faster than you can ever imagine.