Being prepared is one of the first steps in knowing meeting your goals of succeeding in college.

Let’s start with just the first semester of school and assume you are going to be living in a dorm room. Some basic items you may want to take with you are:

Shampoo, razors, conditioner, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

New Stuff for New College StudentAfter considering any other personal hygiene items that you may like or require you can move on the room items which may include sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, wash clothes, and a robe. You may also want a curtain, many dorm rooms have blinds or other types of drapes but you will have to inquire with your admissions office or take notice when you visit the school. Don’t forget any medications, prescription medication or cold and flu medications for the fall weather!

Personal items such as a radio, alarm clock, television, phone, VCR or DVD items are to make you feel more comfortable and at home – well ok maybe the alarm clock will be a must have!

Many colleges now are including a lap top or a personal computer in the pricing of their tuition – this is another item you can inquire at your admission office with, you may not have to lug your computer to the school if you are going to be issued a new one. You should take some floppy disks to meet your library and research needs, in case you are not always studying in your room.

What will else may you want or need? Some dorm rooms allow you space to have a small refrigerator, which can be picked up at, your local stores for about $50 to $150 range. You will most likely be able to sell this item easily when planning your graduation to other students on campus. Having a fridge will give you the comforts of cold drinks and snacks instead of having to run across the dorm or campus when you want something. You can also stock the refrigerator on your way to the dorm buy obtaining items at a local store off campus, saving you money from the vending machines.

Now some of the more important items – for why you are at school you may need: pencils, pens, calculator (and type will depend on your major), notebooks, calendar, binders, back pack (maybe even two if you keep one for books and one for traveling for extracurricular activities) and more than likely you will want a pair of sunglasses for enjoying the sun in your walking to and from classes. Additional items include – ink for your printer, paper, power surge protectors, a desk pad and a mouse pad. Key board and mouse arm rests are another item to consider but you could get by without.

If you have favorite software for meeting our word processing needs – take this with you are you never can be sure when that computer will crash.

One last thing, you may be leaving and it feels like summer but don’t forget all the clothes that you will be needing as the weeks go by and the weather get cold. You will most likely want the majority of all your summer and fall clothes in the first semester of college life.