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Customer support

From the beginning on the homepage you will see a toll free phone number in the top right hand corner. It is in bright red so you cannot miss it. On the right of the page you will see a very attractive eastern European woman along with the “live Chat” function widget. Failing that, you can try the IM function. It often pops up of its own accord, but it is in the bottom right corner if you miss it. You can see the live chat widget on the bottom of the screen too where the footer of the page is. It boasts that you can use the live chat function at any time of the day.

Services the site provides

Just how much this company can do for you is not really limited by any sort of list. They can do a lot of things for the student community. Do You want to pay someone to do math homework? can help you! The services offered by this essay writing company includes: research paper evaluations, article critiques, abstracts, custom essays, results, custom essay, case study, annotated bibliography, coursework, movie review, lab report, term papers, admission essays, reference sections, article, research paper, articles, annotated bibliographies, speeches, and any speech/presentation. These are just some of the very many services they are prepared to offer you.

Prices & discounts

The get a look at their discounts you will have to click on the top link for prices and not the tab running across the middle of the page. Once you find the prices page you can enter the type of essay that you want writing. The type of essay will help you find your price. Pick the essay type first and then the number of pages you want. You can now see a list of prices that are based on the level of the essay and the deadline. You may end up paying as little as $13.95 per page and as much as $59.95 per page (or more) for your standard essay. Further discounts appear to extend only to their special offers.


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Special offer

You may order the paper with the discount for 15% off your first order. The discount code itself is “shop15” but the code should enter automatically if you have clicked the discount link. The only other offers come as guarantees such as a money back and satisfaction guarantee.


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